Treatment Foster Care

Homes For Kids Treatment Foster Care Program provides placement services, behavioral health treatment, independent living, and reunification services to children and adolescents that require out of home placement. The program employs evidence based behavioral health treatment, a cohesive team approach, and an outcomes focus to help children and adolescents stepping down from residential facilities and group homes reach their goals within a supportive family environment.

Program Description

Homes For Kids Treatment Foster Care Program provides placement in a treatment foster home for children up to the age of 21 if they are still wards of the State of Ohio. This program is designed to address the needs of youth who may exhibit poor coping skills, self injurious behavior, aggressive behavior, delinquency, poor school adjustment and peer interaction, boundary setting, or developmental delays. The Treatment Foster Care Program is outcome focused and process driven with sensitivity to the child welfare issues of reunification, adoption, and independent living.  Homes For Kids works with highly trained and skilled treatment foster caregivers, credentialed professional staff members, and other members of a child or adolescents treatment team to reduce any mental health symptoms exhibited by the child or adolescent and increase their functioning in a community setting (reducing the need for residential placement).

Program Components

Services are delivered through a cohesive team approach that is focused on achieving the case plan goals and outcomes established by the placing agency.  Homes For Kids Treatment Foster Care Program consists of the following services:

  • Case Management Services that exceed the child welfare requirements codified in Ohio.
  • Case Management Services that focus on reducing a child or adolescents mental health symptoms by utilizing evidence based interventions and linkage to community resources.
  • Individual Therapy that focuses on increasing the child or adolescents’ ability to function in the community and reduce their problem severity.
  • Group and Family Therapy as necessary for reunification goals or addressing mental health issues.
  • On Going Assessment of the child or adolescents needs that include regular administration of the Ohio Scales, Quarterly Individual Service Plan Updates, and Monthly Reports to Custody Holders.
  • Psychiatric Services when necessary.
  • Transportation to biological family visits as appropriate.
  • Individual Crisis Planning and 24/7 on-call services that seek to limit disruption.
  • Treatment Foster Caregivers that are highly skilled and trained in areas surrounding mental health issues, emotional disturbances associated with childhood, child welfare issues, and crisis deescalation.
  • A 2 child limit per foster home, unless an appropriate sibling group match is found.
  • The utilization of only Licensed Treatment Foster Homes as respite providers.
  • Independent Living Services for adolescents over 15 years of age that includes the Ansel-Casey Life Skills Assessment, life skills classes, assistance in securing employment, and transition planning.
  • Follow up and discharge services (as appropriate) that meet the needs of the child or adolescent transitioning to their post discharge setting.

Program Outcomes

Homes For Kids Treatment Foster Care Program is committed to providing quality child welfare and behavioral health outcomes for the children and adolescents we serve. Outcomes that are tracked and utilized in treatment and program planning include the following:

  • A reduction of a child or adolescents problem severity and functioning as captured on the Ohio Scales each quarter.
  • Child welfare goals that include routinely discharging clients to a less restrictive setting which include:reunification, adoption, or an independent living setting.