Juvenile Sex Offender/Sexually Abusive Behavior Treatment Foster Care

Home For Kids Juvenile Sex Offender(JSO)/Sexually Abusive Behavior(SAB) Treatment Foster Care Program provides placement services, evidence based mental health treatment, independent living, and reunification services to youth that require out of home placement and have been adjudicated as juvenile sex offenders or youth who exhibit sexually abusive behaviors environment. Sexually reactive kids often are victims of sexual abuse themselves.  This special population needs our help.

Program Description

The Homes For Kids JSO/SAB Treatment Foster Care Program is a community based treatment program for both males and females who have been adjudicated as juvenile sex offenders or who exhibit sexually abusive behaviors. Youth are placed in a Treatment Foster Home that has received training specific to the oversight, monitoring, and treatment of juvenile sex offenders or youth who exhibit sexually abusive behaviors.

Homes For Kids, Inc. has been certified by the Ohio Department of Youth Services to provide sex offender treatment. Program therapists and case managers are certified Juvenile Sex Offender Counselors through the University of Louisville’ Kent School of Social Work.

  • Youth reside with and are monitored by a Treatment Foster Care Provider who has gone through a training specific to the following issues: Treatment issues surrounding youth who exhibit sexually aggressive behaviors and children who have been victims of sexually aggressive behaviors, the treatment process, stages of treatment, the cycle of sexual abuse, and SORN reporting requirements
  • Youth have their own room equipped with door alarms to assure safety
  • No more than two youth placed in a home with no more than 2 years separating the youth at the time of placement

Program Components

Homes For Kids Treatment Foster Care Program consists of the following services and
supports to children and adolescents. Services are delivered through a cohesive team
approach that is focused on achieving the case plan goals and outcomes established by
the placing agency:

  • Youth in placement receive all the services associated with Homes For Kids Treatment Foster Care Program with specific focus on the sexual offending or sexually abusive behaviors.
  • Treatment is multi-systemic in nature.
  • Participants are engaged in weekly group therapy, individual therapy, and case management upon entering the program

Within The Context Of Care And Treatment The Youth Learn

  • They are valuable human beings with inherent good qualities and strengths
  • Despite life experiences, they are responsible for their own actions
  • To identify thinking errors and replace them with “correct thinking”
  • To interrupt their behavior and offense cycles
  • Healthy sexuality
  • To develop empathy for their victims and others
  • Relapse prevention
  • To explore their own traumas and issues of grief and loss
  • Problem-solving skills
  • Anger management skills
  • Healthy family dynamics

Program Outcomes

Numerous research studies show a drastic decrease in recidivism for youth who successfully complete a treatment program. The discharge criteria for successful completion of the program shall include, but not limited to the following:

  • Successful completion of all phase work and treatment work as assigned by group and individual therapists
  • Internalization of objectives as set forth by the JSO and SAB program
  • A statistically significant reduction in dynamic risk factors as evidenced by scores on the JSOAP II and Erasor
  • A demonstrated ability to make small adaptations to behavior in order to reduce and avoid the risk of committing sexually aggressive acts