Transition Aged Youth

The Transitional aged Youth Program serves the needs of clients ages 14 to 24.  The purpose of the program is to assist an adolescent client transition successfully into adulthood.  Success is defined as becoming a successful contributing member of society as the individual defines that for himself or herself.  This is achieved by following a strengths perspective and using client centered treatment.  A strengths perspective means the focus is on the strength a client already possesses rather than the problems or faults the client brings to the treatment setting.  They are still held responsible but responsible for the solutions not the problems.  A client centered treatment means the client plays a big role in the development of the goals and objectives he or she wants to achieve.


Interventions can occur in an individual or a group setting.  They can take place in the home, school, workplace, or in a community setting.  Interventions include providing positive social experiences, healthy relationship building exercises, addressing mental health needs and symptoms, developing independent living skills, direction for employment seeking, and resolving potential housing issues.


HFK/CFS is also part of a countywide collaborative working to solve problems faced by young adults from a variety of perspectives.  Members of the collaborative include mental health professionals, educators, transportation specialists, housing authority officials, members of the Trumbull County Mental Health and Recovery Board, representatives from the YWCA, and parent/consumer representatives.  This committee addresses resources and issues on a county wide basis for all residents between the age of 14 and 24.