Quality Services

All clients are assessed by a Masters level clinician at the time of intake. They are rated on severity by a Level of Care system. This system is based on reports by parents, youth and the clinician. The Level of Care determines the frequency of services provided. The types of services are based on the symptoms, age, and cognitive ability of the client. Community Psychaitric Supportive Treatment (CPST) services are based on behavioral and skill development needs. Individual Therapy is based on reflective and insight oriented treatment.  Sometimes one or the other best suits the client’s needs. Other times both are the suggested course of treatment. This is established from conversations with the parents at the time of intake and consultation with the supervisory staff.  These concerns are also revisited every 90 days when the cases are reviewed by the clinical and supervisory staff.
HFK/CFS also has an internal Quality Assurance/Quality Improvement process. Different aspects of treatment are subjected to a peer review process on a monthly basis to see if the standards we have set are being met. If not a Corrective Action Plan is formed to meet those standards.