Early Childhood Mental Health (ECMH) Consultation and Treatment Services

Child and Family Solutions employs skilled counselors, social workers, and clinicians that specialize in treating the behavioral health issues of early childhood (ages 2-6).  ECMH clinicians provide treatment and consultation services in home, in your child’s daycare, school, or other community settings to help your child develop optimum social, academic, and behavioral skills.  ECMH clinicians coordinate services with pediatricians, teachers, daycare providers, and other specialists to enhance your child’s development.   ECMH treatment providers use family-oriented, play-based approaches to work with you and your child to develop skills to control your child’s tantrums and other negative behaviors and help your child explore age-appropriate feelings.

ECMH clinicians are trained to administer the Devereux Early Childhood Assessment (DECA), a tool used to focus on three protective factors (attachment, self-control, and initiative) which are closely related to social and emotional development. The DECA results are used to plan strategies to encourage the child’s strengths.


ECMH clinicians at HFK/CFS are trained in evidenced-based programs including the Incredible Years, a parent, teacher, and children training series designed to reduce young children’s aggression and behavior problems and increase their social, emotional, and academic competence.